Eco Initiatives


Our dedications to developing a sustainable, low environmental impact operation is apparent in our actions.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Development & Ocean Conservation

Ceningan Divers’ commitment to sustainable development and conservation is apparent in our actions and mandates. We recognize the need to develop sustainable business practices and our environmental responsibilities. 

Our eco efforts have been rewarded by multiple awards; we won the BlueGreen360 Awards for Best Dive Resort in 2019 and Best Dive Operator in 2018. These awards are hosted by the United Nation Environment Program, the World Reef Foundation, the Coral Triangle Centre, Green Fins, UW360 and ADEX – Asia Dive Expo. 

Ceningan Divers Eco and Sustainable Initiatives:


In partnership with the Marine Megafauna Foundation, we have pledge to record various set of data and share these findings on This includes data on marine life, rubbish in the ocean, number of dive boats presents at a dive site. This information is used to assess our overall impact on the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area as well as working on solutions to help preserve our coral reefs, marine life, and oceans. We also share our data sets and marine life images to various Citizen Science Projects including the Nusa Penida Turtles Project, Bali Mola Group, Manta Matcher, the the Nusa Penida MPA, the Coral Triangle Centre, Reef Check, and Project AWARE. 


Education is the first pillar of our eco initiatives. As such, with the support of our in-house Marine Biologist, our team has created several education programs. Our guests can learn about Project AWARE Specialties, or take various workshops on manta, mola, turtles, coral reef, marine life, and more via our Online Education Centre. We also offer additional resources online and at our dive resort to help our guests better understand the impact we have on the environment, reef and ocean. From our conservation-focused welcome briefing, our daily workshops, to our morning briefings, we aim to share our knowledge and passion with our guests and students. 


One of the leading global issues is the increasing amount of plastic pollution in our oceans. In an ongoing effort to eliminate such waste, we vowed to not use plastic straws and work to eliminate single use plastic products at our eco resort and dive operation. Instead we serve our juices and cocktails with a stainless steel straw. We pack our food in our kitchen and snacks for our boats in reusable containers. We do not offer single use shampoo or soaps in our eco resort. Instead we provide organic body soap from dispensers and we sell organic shampoo bars to guests looking for alternative options.


At the resort we have separate rubbish, organic waste and recycling stations, this allows us to separate recyclable material such as plastic, cardboard, glass and other materials. We also have several composting areas around the resort which help eliminate organic waste from our rubbish. GREEN FINS OPERATOR

Green Fins is an approach to sustainable marine tourism activities that works with business operators, communities and governments. It helps to implement environmental standards for the diving and snorkelling industry through a code of conduct. The overall aim of the initiative is to mitigate damaging impacts to the marine environment from the marine tourism sector and improve sustainability. The code of conduct is a set of 15 points designed to tackle the most common and detrimental effects of SCUBA diving and snorkelling activities on the habitat in which they operate.


We host weekly Ceningan Trash Hero cleanups. Our team along with volunteers from around the globe take an hour each each Monday from 5 to 6pm to pickup rubbish from the beaches, mangroves, streets and fields of Nusa Ceningan in an effort to keep the island clean. As part of these initiatives, we provide free education and share information with other likeminded people. 


Our restaurant and bar use ingredients which we source from sustainable, organic vendors and/or local distributors. Our aim in working with fair trade producers and organic farmers is to provide our guests with healthy options which aren’t always easily accessible when traveling. We aim to grow our own herbs such as basil, mint and other ingredients we commonly use at the resort. Looking towards the future, we also planted several fruit trees when we opened our resort in 2015. We are always looking at other options to expend our garden. 


We have a mangrove nursery at our resort, we grow around 600 propagules each year. Combined with our collaboration with the Indo Ocean Project, we plant additional propagules in the mangrove around our dive resort. Our goals with this project is in two folds: Mangroves play an important role in protecting our coastlines and our reefs. This also help with our goal to become a carbon negative operation and will help reduce our overall carbon output.


Wherever we can, we source organic products for cleaning so as not to pollute our eco-system.  Our staff has been trained in sustainability, conservation, with our aim to keep our water consumption and non-organic waste to an absolute minimum.


As a 100% AWARE Partner centre we support Project AWARE in various initiatives including conducting regular Dive Against Debris to remove rubbish from local dive sites. We have also adopted Gamat Bay as part of the Adopt a Dive Site program which mean we committed to regularly dive this site and record data related to our findings in the Project AWARE App.


As we aim to reduce our carbon emissions to zero by 2030, we are working on several initiatives and take part in addition carbon reduction programs to help us with our goal. These includes, planting new plants, trees, and mangroves around our resort and offsetting our carbon emissions by buying carbon credits and supporting the WWF Gold Standard.


Ceningan Divers works in partnership with various community partners around Nusa Pendia, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Bali to ensure our local reefs remain healthy and pristine. We participate in annual coral watch and reef monitoring programs. Our team is composed of passionate educators and divers who dedicate their time and energy to share their love of our Ocean Planet. We take part in community coral transplantation initiative as well as other activities aim to preserve the beauty of our Marine Protected Area. 


Our eco-friendly dive resort put in place a policy allowing guests to only use reef safe sun protection. We sell a suitable, locally produced cream made with Illipe butter. Guests are not allowed to use toxic sun protection products on our boats, pool and at the resort. Educational material on the impact of chemical on get reef and ocean is made available in our briefing area. Guests can use alternative sun protections to ensure they do not sunburn while out enjoying their water sport activities. 


We provide free drinking water to our guests with refillable, recycled, glass bottles as opposed to plastic-bottled water. We have several water stations throughout our dive resort and on our boats for our guests to refill their own personal bottles.


Fresh water on Nusa Ceningan and in Bali is particularly scarce. That is why we use the grey water from our bio-septic toilets to water our garden. In 2018, we build a 68,000 litres ground reservoir to catch rain water, we use this water for our dive pool, our toilets at our training facilities and to water our garden during the dry season.  

Ceningan Divers

Ceningan Divers is an eco-friendly PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive Resort. We are a Green Fins Operator, Green Star Award, 100% AWARE Partner, the winner of the Dive Resort and Dive Operator of the Year at the 2018 and 2019 BlueGreen360 Awards, and won 3rd place at the Dive Travel Awards 2018 in the Best Dive Centres and Dive Resorts in the World category.

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