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Ceningan Divers is a Top-Rated Green Fins Gold Member Dive Operator, as such we adopt strict Code of Conduct principles for all our divers.

Ceningan Divers achieved a zero-scoring Green Fins Assessment (First in Indonesia) in our 2024 Assessment. We are a Green Fins Top-Rated Global Dive Operator since 2018 and Certified Gold Member since 2019.

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Green Fins is an approach to sustainable marine tourism activities that works with business operators, communities and governments. It helps to implement environmental standards for the diving and snorkelling industry through a code of conduct. The overall aim of the initiative is to mitigate damaging impacts to the marine environment from the marine tourism sector and improve sustainability. The code of conduct is a set of 15 points designed to tackle the most common and detrimental effects of SCUBA diving and snorkelling activities on the habitat in which they operate. 

Green Fins Guidelines & Code of Conduct

Green Fins Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Dive Operators
Green Fins Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Dive Operator
Green Fins Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Divers
Green Fins Code of Conduct and Guidelines for snorkelling

Ceningan Divers Environmental Guidelines

Ceningan Divers is taking additional steps to ensure our operation limit its impact on the local environment and eco system. With this in mind, we put in place this environment guidelines for our our guests.

  • We do not allow the use of commercial suncream at our resort, in our pools or on our boats. Instead we recommend our guests either purchase a reef safe suncream prior to travelling or buy the 100% natural reef safe TLSea suncream SPF30 we sell at our resort. 
  • We follow the Green Fins Guidelines (see above) and the MPA Code of Conduct (See below). Guests who do not comply with these guidelines will not be allowed to dive with us.

We understand these may sound harsh, however we believe these guidelines are important to ensure we have a sustainable dive operation and protect our local world-class dive sites for generations to enjoy.

Marine Protected Area Code of Conduct

These guidelines have been created to ensure you have a great visit in our waters while our breathtaking big fish remain unaffected by your presence. By following these simple rules, it has been proven that you will have longer more enjoyable interactions with our beautiful manta rays and mola mola.

These guidelines apply To divers and snorkelers alike:

• Never touch a manta ray, mola mola, other fish, coral, or anything else while diving. If a manta ray or mola mola approaches you, remain still, but do not touch it!

• Always approach manta rays and mola mola very slowly within their field of view and do not splash the water. • Stay close to the reef and never surround the manta ray or mola mola.

• Never enter the cleaning station. If the cleaning fish are disturbed or the coral on or near the cleaning station is damaged the cleaning station can be compromised and the manta rays and mola mola may not come back.

• Always maintain a minimum distance of 3m (or 2 body lengths) from the closest manta ray or mola mola.

• Maintain a minimum distance of 10m (or 5-6 body lengths) when they are unsettled (not cleaning) and approaching the reef.

• Never be closer to the manta ray and mola mola than your guide.

• Do not swim closely behind the manta ray or mola mola; this is how predators usually attack and your close proximity may startle them.

• Do not swim directly above or below the manta ray or mola mola as this may disturb cleaning and feeding behavior. However, if the manta ray or mola mola decides to swim above you remain still and blow as few bubbles as possible.

• Never block the escape route off the reef, out of a feeding area, or the pathway onto a cleaning station.

• Do not use personal underwater motorized propulsion vehicles or make any unnecessary loud noises.

• Follow the directions of your dive guide.

• Do not touch or kick the hard or soft coral. Good buoyancy is a must!


Ceningan Divers

Ceningan Divers is an award-winning PADI Eco Dive Resort. A Global Top Rated Green Fins Gold Member, a 100% AWARE Partner, and the winner of the Dive Operator of the year and The Best Dive Resort of the Year at the 2018 and the 2019 BlueGreen360 Awards.

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