Nusa Lembongan Diving

Nusa Lembongan Diving

Nusa Lembongan diving with Ceningan Divers offering daily guided dives in the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area

Nusa Lembongan diving with Ceningan Divers.

Nusa Lembongan diving with Ceningan Divers. We offer daily guided dive trips to the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area. We dive in small groups, max ratio 4 guests to 1 Divemaster. Our guided fun dives include everything you need to ensure you have a great experience. Each diver is provided with a full set of dive gear including a 5mm long wetsuit, safety kit, and a sarong (towel). You just need to bring your bathing suit, sun glasses, reef safe sun protection, and your waterproof camera to take pictures. Nusa Pendia and Nusa Lembongan Guided Dives Schedule: We do two (2) dives each morning, usually leaving at around 8 am. The morning trip takes approximately 4 hours. In between dive 1 and 2, we serve tea/coffee, snacks. In the afternoon we do one (1) dive, usually leaving at around 1 pm, the afternoon trip takes approximately 2 hours. If you do the 2 morning dives and the afternoon dive, we include lunch at our restaurant between dive 2 and 3. We do the occasional night dive at our favourite local sites whenever the conditions permit. We select the best dive sites based on the conditions and the level of experience of our guests. The time of departure and dive sites are confirmed the day before your trip.


Morning Trip (2 dives) – 1,800,000Rp

Afternoon Trip (1 dive) – 850,000Rp

Night Dive (1 dive) – 1,000,000Rp

*Includes full set of gear rental, tanks, weights, sarong, snacks, drinking water, tea/coffee, and dive site fees.*

**Fuel surcharge for dive trips to Manta Point or the East of Penida 150,000Rp/person

Bali Marine Protected Area (Nusa Penida) fee – 100,000Rp to be paid in cash**

We Offer the Following Discounts:
Prebook Special (3 dives including lunch) – 2,400,000Rp
Dive “a la carte” Discounts:
3+ Days – 10%
Bring your Own Gear – 5%
Dive Professional – 10%
Returning Guests 10%
Group of 4+ – 5%
Maximum Discount Applicable – 20%  


* Torch Rental 100,000Rp / trip *
* Dive Computer Rental 200,000Rp per day) *
* Camera Rental (price on request) *
* Extend your bottom time with a 15L tank for 100,000Rp per tank *

Nusa Lembongan Diving - What's Included?

Enjoy guided dives at world-class dive sites with experienced PADI Divemasters and Instructors using well maintained, quality rental dive gear. We follow the highest international safety and training standards. Our guided fun dives are conducted in small groups by attentive, dedicated, and passionate PADI professionals.

Detailed Briefing

When you join us on our guided dives, we provide you with a detailed dive briefing starting with hand signals refresher, dive site description and dive plan.

Five Star Service

Our team is here to ensure that you have a memorable day of diving and an amazing experience while enjoying our world famous five star service.

Safety Oriented Operation

On our boat you will find life jackets, safety equipment such as oxygen and first aid kits, as well as marine radio and other support gear to ensure you have a safe trip.

Drinks and Snacks

We have a free flow drink station at our resort for you to rehydrate. We serve tea/coffee, water and healthy snacks on our boats between dives.

Full Gear Rental

We provide you with a full set of dive gear including a Surface Marker DSMB and whistle in your BCD pocket.

Guided by Experienced PADI Divemasters

Our team is committed to providing you with ongoing mentorship during your dives. Our instructors are there to assist you with any questions or support request.

The video below was filmed with a 360 VR camera. For best result watch using a VR headset or move the move to look around in the video. 

Top Rated Green Fins Member

Ceningan Divers is a top rated Green Fins member currently ranking #1 in Indonesia. As such we adopt strict Code of Conduct principles for all our divers to follow.

Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area Code of Conduct

for Manta Ray and Mola encounters

These guidelines have been created to ensure you have a great visit in our waters while our breathtaking big fish remain unaffected by your presence. By following these simple rules, it has been proven that you will have longer more enjoyable interactions with our beautiful manta rays and mola mola.

These guidelines apply To divers and snorkelers alike:

• Never touch a manta ray, mola, other fish, coral, or anything else while diving. If a manta ray or mola mola approaches you, remain still, but do not touch it!

• Always approach manta rays and mola very slowly within their field of view and do not splash the water. • Stay close to the reef and never surround the manta ray or mola.

• Never enter the cleaning station. If the cleaning fish are disturbed or the coral on or near the cleaning station is damaged, the cleaning station can be compromised and the manta rays and mola may not come back.

• Always maintain a minimum distance of 3m (or 2 body lengths) from the closest manta ray or mola.

• Maintain a minimum distance of 10m (or 5-6 body lengths) when they are unsettled (not cleaning) and approaching the reef.

• Never be closer to the manta ray and mola than your guide.

• Do not swim closely behind the manta ray or mola; this is how predators usually attack and your close proximity may startle them.

• Do not swim directly above or below the manta ray or mola as this may disturb cleaning and feeding behavior. However, if the manta ray or mola decides to swim above you remain still and blow as few bubbles as possible.

• Never block the escape route off the reef, out of a feeding area, or the pathway onto a cleaning station.

• Do not use personal underwater motorized propulsion vehicles or make any unnecessary loud noises.

• Follow the directions of your dive guide.

• Do not touch or kick the hard or soft coral. Good buoyancy is a must!


Nusa Lembongan Diving Special Offers

Save money on your next Nusa Lembongan diving vacation by booking one of our diving Nusa Penida all inclusive Dive & Stay packages directly from us!

Ceningan Divers

Ceningan Divers is an award-winning eco-friendly PADI 5 Star Dive Resort. A PADI Eco Center, Top Rated Green Fins Member, a 100% AWARE Partner, and the winner of the Dive Operator of the year and The Best Dive Resort of the Year at the 2018 and the 2019 BlueGreen360 Awards.

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