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Attentive, dedicated, small groups experience. Your safety is our number one priority. Teaching you following the highest industry standards is our mission.


Our team is eager to assist you plan your holiday to ensure you have a memorable time in Nusa Paradise.


As a PADI 5* Dive Resort and Aqualung Partner Centre our equipment and compressor are services by Certified Technicians following industry standards.


Scuba diving is enjoyed by thousands of people around the world every day and is considered a low-risk activity compared to many other outdoor and sporting activities. 

The most common medical issues associated with scuba diving are sunburn, seasickness and dehydration (all of which are preventable). There are actually few injuries requiring any sort of medical attention associated with diving.

All Certified divers are required to show their proof of certification, and will be ask to sign the standard Liability releases, statement of understanding and non-agency disclosure from PADI prior to starting any activities with Ceningan Divers.

If you are doing a course or experience program, you will be required to complete a medical statement (You can download it here). 

If you tend to get sea sick, you may want to take motion sickness tablet at least 30 minutes before going on the dive boat. 

There are no toilets on our boats. Our boats are non-smoking. 

Our boats are equipped with first aid kits, oxygen, marine radio and life jackets. 

On our boat we have free flow water, between our dives we serve tea/coffee and snacks. We provide you with a fresh sarong everyday (towel).

There is a semi-dry area under the canopy where you can store your belongings. Please remember the space is limited. We can gladly store things for you at the dive centre in a locker.

We recommend you bring a hat, sunglasses, a dry bag for your non waterproof items, and your camera to take pictures of your trip.


There are a few ATMs on Nusa Lembongan, they are not reliable and does not always have cash. It is possible to pay with Visa or MasterCard (+approx 5%) at many hotels and restaurants however your best bet is bring Rupiah with you.  You can exchange foreign currency at our resort.


We accept payment in Indonesian Rupiah or most international curencies such as Australian, Singapore, Canadian and US Dollars and Euros. We accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards, we charge 3% service fees. We also accept PayPal and Bank transfer + service fees.


The diving around Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan, and Nusa Penida is amazing all year round.  Generally we have20-30m visibility. Water temperatures average between 25-29’C except during mola season.

For giant manta sightings – you can dive or snorkle with them all year. For mola mola sightings, the best time is between late June to mid October when water temperatures drop to low 20’s.

We think the rainy season is also some of the best time for a trip to Bali and Nusa Ceningan. Daytime temperatures are very comfortable at this time of year and many tourists enjoy escaping the crowds of high season and the benefits that comes with it.

There are many operators in South Bali that organise day trips. However, if you really want to experience the adventure of Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan, and Penida diving, it really is worth staying on the island. The cost savings are quite substantial, you will be able to dive a wider range of sites and the islands are definitely worth visiting. We can also time our diving perfectly to meet slack high or low tide, which means the water will be at its calmest. If you are coming over on one of the Bali boats, you will be on a set schedule and the currents could be quite strong!


As with Bali, the 3 islands of Nusa Lembongan, Ceningan and Penida are all free from malaria. However anti malarials may be necessary if you are travelling to other parts of Indonesia, so please consult with your doctor beforehand.


Yes. There are several doctors on the islands and a clinic in Jungut batu which has an onsite dispensary. Minor ailments are treated easily here, but more serious conditions will be referred to Bali, where there are hospitals of international standard.


Please note that in order to enrol in a course with us, each student has to sign a medical statement. Click here for more information and a PDF version of this statement. Certainly there are some medical conditions which are not compatible with diving. All students must complete a medical questionnaire prior to commencing their course. Feel free to download the medical questionnaire on the left of this page and take a look at the questions. If you think you may need to answer “yes” to any question, check with your doctor first and get them to sign the form. For fun divers, it is your own responsibility to assess your ability to dive

We enjoy 24 hours of electricity here, though there can be the odd power cut. Electricity sockets take the European two pin plug. Ceningan Resort has an emergency power generator to cover our basic need if we experience an island wide power shortage.


No, we train people at all level including the PADI Discover Scuba Diver Program. There are many dive sites around the islands, some are suitable for beginners while others offer more challenging conditions.

Whether you are a new or an experienced diver, you will find a variety of conditions and sites to meet you needs, learning goals or desire for adventure.

The short answer is yes! We have a very healthy population of manta rays in the area. Some of them are homebody and stay in the area all year long while others are more nomadic and travel around. 

Manta rays tend to remain on the south side of Nusa Penida which is exposed to the open ocean. Depending on the tide, swell and time of the month/moon cycle, conditions may get more rough in the south. If the swells are higher than 1.5 meters, we tend to avoid the unpleasant journey and dive on the north side of Nusa Penida instead. This occurs a few days each month around new moon and full moon and whenever the wind picks up during the seasonal changes. 

For mola mola sightings, the best time is between late June to mid October when water temperatures drop to low 20’s. That said we have some very lucky guests who have seen them outside the normal season on occasions. 

Ceningan Divers teaches all level of the PADI curriculum from Bubble Makers to Divemaster Internship. We follow the highest industry standards. We have 6 full-time instructors on staff and combined we speak 11 languages.

Yes, PADI recommend you do a scuba review if you have not dive in more than 6 months. The Scuba Review program is just the refresher you need to brush up on your knowledge and skills. A PADI Professional will get you in the water having fun and feeling comfortable again. 

Unfortunately no, in order to dive with us you need to stay either at our resort or one of the many accommodations on Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Ceningan. 

Our morning trips leave early and it is nearly impossible to coordinate logistics for divers traveling from Bali for a day trip. 

You can feel free to contact us if you wish to coordinate a transfer, overnight stay or a recommendation for a Bali Based operator. 


Ceningan Divers is an Aqua Lung Partner Centre, we use full 5mm wetsuits, Apeks Regulators, and Suunto dive computers. 

Yes, if you have your own equipment and it is well maintained and service, you should bring it with you on your dive holiday. 

It is always more fun to dive with familiar equipment, plus we give you 10% discount if you have your own full set of gear!

We use a Bauer PE-200 Compressor with extended filtration system and 4 whip distribution system. 

Our compressor is serviced as per the manufacturer recommendations, we change our oil and filters as per the manufacturer recommendations. Our tanks are filled by trained technicians certified by our in-house gas blender instructor. 

You can feel free to ask us to view our log, it is available for all of our divers to see.. 

We are proud to offer some of the cleanest and safest compressed air on the islands. 

We use Luxfer Gas Aluminum Cylinders.

We have 50 x 12ltr. tanks, 4 x 15ltr. tanks, and 2 kid tanks.

All of our tanks have DIN/Yoke Adaptors. 

Our in-house technicians do annual visual inspections and hydrostatic tests as per the manufacturers recommendations. 

No, we do not offer NITROX.


Be sure your Passport has a minimum of more than 6 months validity and 3 blank visa pages for arrival into Indonesia Some countries require Visa on Arrival to be paid upon arrival in Indonesia, this is USD $35. Please check about your passport before departure from home. Visa on Arrival is for 30 days only so please plan accordingly. If you require longer in the country please let us know and we can offer further information

Please carry Indonesian cash. (Change foreign currency in South Bali as it can be difficult to exchange outside of main cities)

Diving and Health Insurance are required, DAN offers comprehensive Hyperbaric Chamber insurance and this is most definitely recommended. A further insurance covering medical treatment is also required. Ceningan Divers and our team will not be responsible for costs accrued due to inadequate medical insurance coverage. Dive Assure is a good option for coverage.

Ceningan Divers

Ceningan Divers is a Green Star Award, eco-friendly, PADI 5 Star Dive Resort located 500 meters on the left side of the yellow bridge on Nusa Ceningan, the smallest of three islands on the east coast of Bali.

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