CORVID-19 Updates from Ceningan Divers.

We hope this message finds you safe and healthy in the current situation. Here’s a CORVID-19 Updates from Ceningan Divers and a call for support.

As you may have read on Facebook, on March 19th, we closed Ceningan Divers and Ceningan Resort indefinitely. A few days later the Indonesian Central Government and the Governor of Bali announced a stop on all tourism activities and imposed a wide range of travel restrictions, this reenforced we had taken the right precautions and made the right decision for our guests and team.

COVID-19 has affected everyone around the globe. Some are privilege to self-isolate in a safe place with access to medical services, food, and supplies, while others are not as fortunate. Now more than ever, the world needs everyone to work together to ensure that no-one is left behind without help or support. 

Indonesia is a developing nation, we do not have emergency relief packages, unemployment insurance or incentive programs for small enterprises. We are left at our own mercy. As a sustainable operation, we have some contingencies in place to help us overcome crises and other emergencies. Since we opened our doors in 2015, we have had to endure volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. We stand prepared to weather such a crisis, however, our contingency plan is not indefinite. We have limited resources, and without support, regional, provincial or national incentives we are left on our own with having to support our team and operation for the coming months until this situation passes.

We created a GoGetFunding campaign page to raise support. We know the situation is far from over, we need to pace ourselves for a long marathon. Even if things return to normal in North America, Europe and the rest of the world in the coming months, it most likely won’t be for another year until travelers regain the confidence to travel to Bali again.


We aim to get the word out about our predicament, contacting our friends, relatives, guests, reaching out to media and whoever has a sympathetic ear to our cause.

We know there are much greater problems out there, but we are liable to our 24 employees, their families and other small businesses on the island, we want to do all we can to make sure they have a fighting chance.

We will continue to provide updates on our campaign page and on social media, in the meantime, if you are in a position to lend a hand, donate, help spread the word, now, more than ever we need your support. We believe that if we all work together, support one another, we can overcome this pandemic and become better humans in the process. We believe that together with your help, we can sustain our eco-friendly dive resort, our team and support the local community until this global crisis passes. 

Let us assure you that we will be ready to emerge from this crisis with renewed passion and energies to again share our love of our ocean planet with you. Our reefs will continue to flourish with marine life ready to welcome you back to Nusa Paradise to create new amazing memories.

Please use this time to stay safe, stay healthy, support others, and focus on your families.

Sandra, Lea, David, Robert and the team at Ceningan Divers / Ceningan Resort. 
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