Covid-19 Update


Another month behind us, it’s time for another Covid-19 update. We have been in lockdown on Nusa Ceningan since March 22nd. The situation on the island is actually very positive. The community is working together to support each other, food supply is steady, we have luckily not had a positive covid-19 case here. Our small village remains optimistic, people go about their daily routine, returning to a more simplistic life as it was before the Nusa Islands became a hotspot for tourism. We (both locals and expats) have been good at following the government recommendations; social distancing, wearing masks, installing hand-washing stations around the islands, reminders to wash our hands frequently, and keeping our distance. Frankly, we cannot think of a better place to quarantine ourselves during this pandemic and we are thankful for being part of this amazing community. 

June is finally here, normally this would be an exciting time for us at Ceningan Divers and Ceningan Resort as it would mean our eco-friendly dive resort is booming with happy guests returning from amazing divers as we enter our annual high season. Unfortunately, it looks like lockdown will continue for a while. 

The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health have announced that they hope to reopen Bali in October 2020 assuming the situation remains stable. From June to October, the government will start promoting 5 Indonesian destinations including Bali for a tentative reopening to international tourism. There is some talk that national tourism may resume in July, however, the information is still very fluid and changing on a daily basis. We will, of course, continue to update you as we get new information. We are eager to welcome you back to Nusa Paradise.

Latest updates on the situation in Bali

If you would like to keep up to date on the situation in Bali, we encourage you to join this Facebook group (Bali Covid-19 Update) which posts daily updates with reliable information and sources. 

Education Centre and initiatives for World Environment Day and World Ocean Day.

May has been a productive month for us, Gina Robert continued their work on our new Education Centre, which so far has received very positive reviews and was featured by several dive and travel magazines and international organizations. We now have 8 workshops, 3 Project AWARE courses, and we continue to record and work on additional content which will be added later this month. We took part in two ADEX Pixel Webinars; speaking about our initiatives during covid-19 lockdown and our online education centre. Our team continued their education by attending online webinars from PADI and other industry experts. This will help us better serve you by applying the latest training, safety, health, and cleaning procedures when we are ready to reopen later this year. 

With World Environment Day (June 5th) and World Ocean Day (June 8th) quickly approaching, we are offering 2 FREE workshops; Coral Reefs and Mola! Sign up now and enroll for free: 

As previously announced, when you complete all 8 workshops (some are free, some are $20 each) you will qualify for our Conservation Diver Certification Program and earn a 1,000,000Rp Credit voucher for our dive resort. 

In the past, to celebrate World Environment Day and World Ocean Day, we hosted a range of activities such as fundraisers, beach or mangrove cleanups, education programs, and community outreach activities. Sadly, with the current situation, our options are limited for this year. However, a year ago, we launched our new mangrove nursery by seeding 200+ propagules, these “babies” have now grown strong over the past year and in the next week, we will be plating them in mangroves around our dive resort.  Every action count, we hope wherever you are, you continue to support initiative to preserve our environment and oceans.

Fundraiser to support our team

As originally pledged when this crisis started, we aim to continue to pay our employees during this lockdown.  We provide our employees with monthly allocations so they can buy food to feed their families, pay for electricity, and buy internet data to stay in contact with others. Your amazing support thus far has helped us achieve our commitment by supporting our team until August. However, ass the situation continues, we will need additional support until the situation returns to normal perhaps in late Q4 2020 or early 2021. 

Should you be interested in supporting our team, you can make a donation via our GoGetFunding campaign: 

We added a new “Perks System” on May 1st, 2020 to our GoGetFunding Campaign. (All those who donated before this date will retroactively qualify for these perks, we will email you to provide you more details):

  • When you donate $50. As a special thank you, we will give you access to 2 conservation workshops in our online education centre (
  • When you donate $150. As a special thank you, we will give you full access to our 8 conservation workshops in our online education centre ( Upon completing these workshops, you will qualify for our Conservation Diver Certification Program and in the process earning a 1,000,000Rp Gift Voucher to exchange on one of our all inclusive Dive & Stay or PADI Learn & Stay Package.
  • When you donate $250. As a special thank you, we will give you the perks mentioned above plus one (1) Ceningan Divers bamboo-cotton t-shirt and one (1) sarong will be waiting for you at our resort at your next visit.

Pre-book your next Dive Vacation by buying a Ceningan Divers Voucher. 

Last month, we launched our new pre-paid vouchers program, this is a great way to support us while pre-paying your next dive vacation and securing our best discount ever.  For more information visit 

Buy Ceningan Divers Vouchers Today! Our pre-paid vouchers offer you the most flexibility: 

  • Our vouchers can be used towards paying for any of our Dive & Stay or PADI Learn & Stay Packages, PADI Courses, or Services.
  • You can use one or more vouchers to pay. (Each voucher is worth $100USD)
  • Our vouchers have no expiry date. 
  • They are transferable. 
  • They offer you the most flexible options to prebook your next dive vacation with us.
  • They are the perfect gift in these strange times of Coronavirus.
  • Save 25% on our regular rates when booking with pre-paid vouchers. (That’s our biggest discount offer ever!)

There are many ways to lend a hand in these strange times. 

The following is a list of things you can do from home which will help us grow our business and keep positive while we weather this storm.

  • Leave a review on FacebookGoogleTripAdvisor for Ceningan Divers
  • Comment, like & share our posts on social media
  • Shout us out on social media, share old pictures of your dive vacation with us, you with your PADI Certification, share your experience with us with your friends
  • Tag a friend on our posts on social media
  • Enroll in our Education Centre and sign up for our workshops or take a Project AWARE or PADI eCourse or eLearning program (
  • Donate to our GoFundMe campaign (
  • Buy a Ceningan Divers Gift Card (Voucher) (
  • Book a trip for a later date, we offer a fully flexible booking option with no limit on changes, timeframe, or transfer option. Now, is the best time to plan your next dive vacation with us. (Email us

We appreciate your ongoing support. Until we can all blow bubbles again in the near future. Let us assure you that we will be ready to emerge from this crisis with renewed passion and energies to again share our love of our ocean planet with you. Our reefs will continue to flourish with marine life ready to welcome you back to Nusa Paradise to create new amazing memories.

Please use this time to stay safe, stay healthy, support others, and focus on your families.

Sandra, Lea, David, Robert, and the team at Ceningan Divers / Ceningan Resort.​

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