Dive into Conservation: Celebrate PADI AWARE Week 2023 – Adopt The Blue

Dive into Conservation Celebrate AWARE Week 2023

Welcome to a week like no other at Ceningan Divers! We’re thrilled to announce our upcoming AWARE Week, a vibrant celebration of marine conservation, education, and action. From September 16th to 24th, join us in exploring the wonders of our oceans and, most importantly, adopting a blue mindset.

At Ceningan Divers, we understand that every dive can be an opportunity to contribute to preserving our marine ecosystems. AWARE Week is our way of spotlighting “Adopt The Blue,” a theme that encourages us to take a proactive role in caring for our oceans.

Program Overview:

PADI AWARE & Green Fins Talk (September 16th):

Kick-off AWARE Week with an enlightening talk about the significance of marine conservation. Join us at the briefing area to understand how adopting the blue mindset can profoundly affect protecting our oceans by adopting Project AWARE and Green Fins‘ approach.

Special Dive Package (September 17th):

Dive into action with our exclusive dive package for the day. Enjoy two-morning dives—one for underwater clean-up and one for pure fun. Afterward, savour a delicious lunch, all for just IDR1.000.000. It’s a unique chance to experience the joy of diving while adopting the blue commitment to cleaner seas.

LIVE Facebook Workshop (September 17th):

In the afternoon, join us for a LIVE Facebook workshop on the innovative PADI AWARE App. Discover how this powerful tool can be used for the Dive Against Debris citizen science project. Dive deeper into conservation and adopt the blue mindset, all from the comfort of your screen.

Conservation Workshop (September 18th):

Immerse yourself in conservation activities that directly impact our marine environment. Participate in mangrove planting, attend an eye-opening plastic presentation, and visit our mangrove nursery. It’s a day of hands-on learning and adopting the blue spirit of preservation.

AWARE Specialty Courses (September 21st):

Take your passion for marine conservation to the next level. Sign up for PADI AWARE Dive Against Debris, Underwater Naturalist, Fish Identification, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation, and explore our Ceningan Divers Online Conservation Workshop. Expand your knowledge and adopt the blue commitment to safeguarding our oceans.

Local Action for Global Impact (September 19th & 22nd):

Our commitment to marine conservation extends to island clean-ups in partnership with TRASH HERO. Join us at Ceningan Resort to make a direct impact on our local environment. Together, we can adopt the blue mindset and be the change our oceans need.

Citizen Science in Action (September 20th):

Uncover the wonders of our underwater world and contribute to citizen science. Dive purposefully as we conduct manta and turtle ID dives in partnership with the Marine Megafauna Foundation. Be part of something bigger, adopt the blue commitment to science, and maybe even name a new species!

Final Call to Action (September 23rd):

As AWARE Week draws to a close, we invite you for one last dive with purpose. Enjoy two-morning dives, including underwater clean-up and fun dives for IDR1,000,000. It’s a fitting end to a week dedicated to adopting the blue spirit of conservation in our oceans.

At Ceningan Divers, every week is AWARE Week because we’re committed to marine conservation year-round. Join us in adopting the blue mindset and making a lasting impact on the underwater world. To sign up for AWARE Week events or learn more about our initiatives, send us a message or visit us on Facebook

Dive into conservation with Ceningan Divers and adopt the blue spirit our oceans need.

We hope to see you all at Ceningan Divers during PADI AWARE week!

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