Ceningan Divers is a Top-Rated Green Fins Dive Operator

Green Fins top members

Environmentally Friendly Green Fins Dive Resort

Over the past 5 years, our team and management have worked extremely hard to develop and grow our sustainable operation and facilities, and to adopt an environmentally friendly code of conduct for our dive team and guests. In our effort to affirm our commitment, we became a Green Fins Dive Operator in 2018.

Our dedication to building our eco-friendly dive resort has been rewarded with 2 consecutive BlueGreen360 Awards (2018 and 2019) and we will continue to thrive to do more for our Ocean Planet.

We are really excited to announce that Ceningan Divers is now the #1 Green Fins Dive Operator in Indonesia and the #4 Green Fins Dive Operator in the World.

As of our latest assessment (they are conducted annually), we are officially the first Indonesian-based dive operator to make it on the Green Fins Top Members list, acquiring the 4th place on the Green Fins Top Dive Operator in the world. This is by no stretch a great achievement for our team and dive resort.

What does it take to become a top Green Fins Operator?

Green Fins is a comprehensive approach that encourages dive centers and snorkel operators, local communities and governments to work together to reduce their environmental impacts. This is primarily done through the private sector adopting a Code of Conduct that will help mitigate their impacts when carrying out marine tourism activities.

The Green Fins Members in the top list have been ranked by score and Reef-World can assure that these members are active and current and have been trained and assessed in the last 18 months. We do our best to ensure that these members are doing the best they can to reduce their threat based on the annual assessments and information provided to us throughout the year via e-mail and other sources of information.

We are proud of the members and we encourage tourists to choose to dive/snorkle with them.


Here’s a list of the initiatives we have implemented at our dive resort:

  • We adopted Green Fins Mission as part of our dive operation.
  • Display Green Fins material in our briefing area, classroom, reception, in our emails prior to guests’ arrival, online our website and on social media.
  • We adhere to the Green Fins Code of Conduct.
  • We conduct monthly dive site clean up and we adopted Gamat Bay as our dive site (Project AWARE).
  • We use mooring buoys at dive sites and set up moorings for our boats in the channel. We monitor buoys while diving to make sure ropes are safe and good conditions. We assess coral reef from the effect of mooring and pontoon damage and report our findings to the Nusa Penida MPA, Marine police, CTC and other organizations.
  • We participate in the reef monitoring efforts. We work with the various groups to do monitoring programs.
  • We have garbage bins on our boats, we collect all rubbish and sort it at the resort, recycling stations.
  • We do weekly street and beach clean up every Monday as part of our work with Trash Hero Ceningan.
  • We have a mangrove nursery, participate in mangrove replanting, and we are working toward becoming a carbon-neutral operation.
  • We participate in programs to offset our carbon footprint.
  • We are working towards a zero-waste policy.
  • We reduced or eliminated the use of chemicals around our resort and use alternative products wherever it is appropriate.
  • We do not offer single-use plastic products or packaging at our resort.
  • We provide our guests with Sarongs instead of towels, this reduces the amount of water needed to wash them.
  • We have water collection facilities to collect rainwater and reduce our impact on the island.
  • We store and dispose of our boats and compressor oil in a sustainable way.
  • We do green fins briefing daily with our guests, we promote green fins training on our various channels and around the resort.
  • We do only guided snorkeling, provide guests with buoys and have a Green Fins guide in the water with them.
  • All dive staff has completed the Green Fins certification program.
  • We do awareness presentations in our daily workshops conducted by our in-house marine biologist and team. There workshops covering the Coral Triangle Center, Marine Protected Area, marine creatures and much more. All presentation finishes with the Green Fins code of conduct.
  • We follow a strict no-touch policy while diving. Guests are made aware prior to diving, they will be reminded on the dive if they make contact. If they repeat the bad behaviour, they will not be allowed to dive.
  • We do not allow non-reef safe suncream to be used at our resort, in our pools, and on our boats.
  • We encourage other operators to take similar actions and join Green Fins.

Dedicated to operate our eco-friendly dive resort

As you can see, we made a lot of efforts to reduce our impact on the environment and operate a sustainable business. You can read more about our sustainable projects and eco-initiatives here.

We are working hard to continue to improve both our facilities and our operation. We will continue to post updates on our successes and failures as we progress.

Needless to say that none of this would have been possible without the valiant efforts of our team and their dedication to preserve our ocean planet. A massive congratulation to everyone at Ceningan Divers and Ceningan Resort for their hard work.

We would like to also thank our students, guests, friends, and family for their ongoing patronage and support.

What is Green Fins?

Green Fins is the first and world’s only assessed environmental set of standards for SCUBA diving operators.

Green Fins was originally initiated in 2004 by the United Nations Environment (UNEP) under the Regional Seas program as part of the effort to increase public awareness and management practices that will benefit the conservation of coral reefs and reduce unsustainable tourism practices. It is overseen by the Coral Reef Unit of UN Environment based in Bangkok in collaboration with UK charity The Reef-World Foundation.

Green Fins is a comprehensive approach that encourages dive centers and snorkel operators, local communities and governments to work together to reduce their environmental impacts. This is primarily done through the private sector adopting a Code of Conduct that will help mitigate their impacts when carrying out marine tourism activities.

The Code of Conduct consists of 15 points, which target environmental threats posed by the tourism industry, both under water and on land. Green Fins members receive the training and the tools to promote environmental education and awareness, tapping into the tourists and the diving community, which is shifting more and more towards eco-friendly initiatives as a result of the demand from the consumer.

Green Fins dives even deeper as it creates a network through which dive centers, local and national governments and communities who work together to tackle local environmental threats to protect livelihoods and food security.

Members, who join for free, receive annual assessments, training and feedback to help them achieve the Code of Conduct points, that not only standardizes membership but also allows a system for measurable progress and collaboration between stakeholders.

For more information, please visit their website: https://portal.greenfins.net/en/top-members

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