Celebrating Sustainability: Ceningan Divers & Evolution Together Set a New Standard with Perfect (zero-impact) Green Fins Scores

Green Fins Assessment 2024

I’m excited to share that Ceningan Divers has once again ranked in the Green Fins Top-10 Global Operator list. This year, we’re thrilled to co-share the top spot together with Evolution, as both of our operations have achieved zero-impact Green Fins scores in our annual assessments. This remarkable achievement is a testament to our continuous commitment and the rigorous environmental stewardship that defines Ceningan Divers. Ranking among the top 10 global dive operators consistently since 2018, our journey highlights a steadfast dedication to sustainability and marine conservation.

Our Sustainable Legacy

Our path to sustainable diving excellence is marked by relentless improvement and innovation, during the past 8 years, we have focused our energies and efforts to achieve conservation excellence. Ranking in the top position since 2018, our goal to develop a zero-impact dive operation has been a passionate pursuit over our past five annual assessments. We worked tirelessly to improve our score, and our offerings to reduce our environmental impact: From transitioning our boat from 2-stroke engines to more efficient 4-strokes or adopting natural solutions for gear cleaning and resort maintenance, these significant steps helped us reduce our environmental footprint. Moreover, advocating for reef-safe sunscreen, creating pre-arrival educational tools for our guests and students and spearheading conservation and citizen science initiatives underscore our holistic approach to sustainability.

Green Fins Assessment Workshop Update 2024

Empowering Through Education

Our success lies in the comprehensive training of our team and educating our guests on mindful diving practices. These initiatives aim to minimize the environmental impact of diving activities while fostering a conservation-minded community. Through workshops and dive briefings, we emphasize the importance of preserving marine biodiversity together with responsible diving skills.

Green Fins Assessment: Our Commitment in Action

Achieving a perfect score in the comprehensive Green Fins assessment showcases our dedication across 15 critical areas. These include environmental policy, understanding of the local rules and regulations, conforming to the Green Fins code of conduct, and implementing waste management solutions. This latest accolade affirms our commitment to minimizing our impact on the marine ecosystem.

Green Fins Assessment Workshop Update 2024

Choose Sustainability

Our achievements serve as an inspiration within the diving industry, underscoring the practical benefits of sustainable practices. We encourage divers to opt for top-rated Green Fins and eco operators, who exemplify environmental stewardship, allowing for a responsible enjoyment of the underwater world.

Acknowledgement and Thanks

In the spirit of collaboration and mutual growth, we wish to extend our deepest gratitude to those who have been pivotal in our journey towards sustainable development:

A special thanks to Jaya and Evi, our local Green Fins assessors, for their thorough and insightful evaluations. Their expertise and guidance have been instrumental in helping us meet and surpass the stringent standards set by Green Fins. Their commitment to promoting sustainable diving practices across the globe is truly inspiring.

Green Fins Assessment Workshop Update 2024

We’re also immensely thankful to Chloe and JJ Harvey, and the entire team at Reef-world Foundation for their continuous support. Their efforts to foster a global community of eco-conscious dive operators provide us with the tools and motivation needed to push our environmental initiatives further.

The Coral Triangle Center, for their work to create the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area. It has enhanced its status as a premier diving location and it underscored the importance of preserving our marine biodiversity. It also ensures the area remains one of the best dive destinations in the world to operate a dive resort.

Lastly, our amazing team and guests, without you, none of this would be a possibility! YOU ARE CENINGAN DIVERS! You are our “raison d’etre“!

Our journey of sustainability is a collective effort, and the support from our assessors, the Green Fins team, and the Coral Triangle Center has been invaluable. Together, we are making strides towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious diving industry. Thank you for your dedication, and support, and for being an integral part of our story.

A Call to Action for the Diving Community

This story is more than just about accolades; it’s a call to action for ALL dive operators globally to embrace sustainability. Initiatives like the Green Fins and the PADI Eco Center program provide us with the frameworks to enhance our environmental practices. By pledging to go green, dive operators can contribute to a sustainable marine tourism movement.

A Guide to Green Fins

Our journey from aspiring to become a leading sustainable dive operator to achieving a top position alongside Evolution is a narrative we hope will inspire others.

Let’s all commit to safeguarding the underwater world through responsible and sustainable diving practices.

For more information on sustainable diving and to join this vital movement, please visit Green Fins, explore the PADI Eco Center Program, and acquaint yourself with the Green Fins Code of Conduct.

Join us at Ceningan Divers and be part of the ongoing journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious diving industry. Book Your DIve and Stay Package Today!

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