Dive Sustainably with Ceningan Divers : A Guide to Green Fins

In today’s world, it is crucial to prioritize sustainable practices in every industry, including scuba diving. Ceningan Divers, a top-rated dive operator, has embraced this responsibility by becoming a proud member of Green Fins. This article of A Guide to Green Fins will explore what Green Fins is, the code of conduct it promotes, the Green Fins e-course, how to become a Green Fins member, Ceningan Divers’ achievements, and the call to action for more sustainable diving experiences.

A Guide to Green Fins : What is Green Fins?

A Guide to Green Fins

Green Fins is an internationally recognized initiative that aims to protect coral reefs and promote sustainable diving practices. It is a comprehensive set of guidelines and standards that dive operators follow to minimize their environmental impact.

Code of Conduct

Green Fins promotes responsible diving practices through its code of conduct. This code includes guidelines that target environmental threats posed by the tourism industry, both underwater and on land on responsible anchoring, avoiding physical contact with marine life, proper waste management, and responsible behavior underwater.

A Guide to Green Fins

Ceningan Divers as a Top-Rated Green Fins Member

Our team and management work extremely hard to develop and grow our sustainable operations and facilities. In our effort to affirm our commitment, we became a Green Fins Dive Operator in 2018 and since then according to the Green Fins Top Member list, Ceningan Divers is now the #1 Green Fins Dive Operator in Indonesia and the #2 Green Fins Dive Operator in the World.

As we made a lot of efforts to reduce our impact on the environment and operate a sustainable business. You can read more about our sustainable projects and eco-initiatives here.

Becoming a Green Fins Member

Dive operators can become members through the Green Fins website. By joining this network, operators commit to implementing sustainable practices, attending training workshops, and regularly assessing their environmental impact.

The Green Fins Diver e-Course

At Ceningan Divers, we believe in diving with purpose and responsibility. That’s why we encourage all our guests to take the Green Fins Diver E-course before embarking on their underwater adventures with us. The Green Fins Diver E-course equips you with the essential knowledge to become a responsible diver. From the impact of your buoyancy to the significance of maintaining a safe distance from marine life, this course empowers you to make every dive count for the better.

The Green Fins Dive Guide e-Course

We’re proud to announce that all our PADI Instructors and Divemasters have taken the Green Fins Dive Guide e-Course. An extra step in reducing the negative impacts of scuba diving on the underwater environment and conducting more environmentally friendly dives!

Dive Green, Dive Smart, Dive with Ceningan Divers!

We are working hard to continue to improve both our facilities and our operations. We will continue to post updates on our successes and failures as we progress. Needless to say, none of this would have been possible without the valiant efforts of our team and their dedication to preserving our ocean planet.

Join Ceningan Divers on a sustainable diving adventure and experience the beauty of Indonesia’s underwater world. Book your trip now and be part of the movement towards responsible tourism and reef conservation!

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