Ceningan Divers Team Outing 2023: A Dive into Sustainability at the Coral Triangle Center

Ceningan Divers Team Outing – Dive Deep Into the World of Marine
Conservation and Sustainable Practices

In December 2023, the Ceningan Divers and Ceningan Resort team embarked on an educational and
enlightening journey with the Coral Triangle Center (CTC) in Sanur, Bali, for our annual team outing.
This unique experience was not just a day of fun but a deep dive into the world of marine conservation
and sustainable practices.

Ceningan Divers Team Outing - Coral Triangle Center

Exploring Coral Conservation and Plastic Impact Workshops

Our day began with immersive workshops led by the experts at CTC. These sessions focused on coral
preservation, shedding light on the intricate ecosystems that thrive beneath the waves. Additionally, we
delved into the sobering realities of plastic pollution, understanding its detrimental effects on our oceans.

Escape Room Challenge: Merging Fun with Education

The highlight of Ceningan Divers team outing was a thought-provoking escape room challenge.
Divided into groups, we engaged in puzzles themed around ‘SOS from the Deep’ and ‘SOS Plastic
Danger’. These challenges were not merely brain-teasers but also interactive lessons that emphasized
the urgency of preserving coral life and combating plastic pollution. CC’s commitment to experiential
learning added a layer of excitement to our environmental education.

Ceningan Divers Team Outing - SOS from the Deep

Ceningan Divers Team Outing – Celebrating Achievements by the

As the day unfolded, we gathered for a team dinner on Sanur beach, relishing the beauty of our
surroundings. The evening was a celebration of our collective achievements, marked by the sound of the
waves and the camaraderie of our team. It was a moment of reflection on the importance of sustainability
in our personal and professional lives.

Gratitude to CC: A Heartfelt Acknowledgment

We extend our deepest gratitude to the Coral Triangle Center for hosting us and sharing their expertise. Their commitment to marine conservation education made our team outing a transformative
experience. CC’s dedication to sustainable practices and environmental awareness left an indelible
mark on our team, inspiring us to continue our journey towards a greener and cleaner planet.

Dive with Ceningan Divers: Experience Sustainability Beneath the Waves

Ready to embark on your own underwater adventure while upholding sustainability practices? Book your
dive with Ceningan Divers, where every dive is a commitment to the health of our oceans. Join us in
practicing responsible diving, eco-friendly operations, and marine conservation efforts!

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