Uniting for a Cleaner Ocean - Trash Hero

Uniting for a Cleaner Ocean: Ceningan Divers and Ceningan Resort’s Trash Hero Mission on Nusa Ceningan Island

At Ceningan Divers and Ceningan Resort, we’re committed stewards of the ocean. In our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and uniting for a cleaner ocean, we’ve partnered with Trash Hero for years, and our dedication remains steadfast. Together, we embarked on another impactful Trash Hero mission on Nusa Ceningan Island, continuing our efforts to create a cleaner, plastic-free paradise.

Book Your Eco-Friendly Dive and Stay Package with Ceningan Divers and Join Us in Protecting Our Oceans! … Read More

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Dive Sustainably with Ceningan Divers : A Guide to Green Fins

In today’s world, it is crucial to prioritize sustainable practices in every industry, including scuba diving. Ceningan Divers, a top-rated dive operator, has embraced this responsibility by becoming a proud member of Green Fins. This article will explore what Green Fins is, the code of conduct it promotes, the Green Fins e-course, how to become a Green Fins member, Ceningan Divers’ achievements, and the call to action for more sustainable diving experiences. … Read More

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Ceningan Divers Team Outing 2023: A Dive into Sustainability at the Coral Triangle Center

In December 2023, the Ceningan Divers and Ceningan Resort team embarked on an educational and
enlightening journey with the Coral Triangle Center (CTC) in Sanur, Bali, for our annual team outing. I
This unique experience was not just a day of fun but a deep dive into the world of marine conservation
and sustainable practices. … Read More

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Divemaster Spotlight - Meet Stefan Vogel -Gear Maintenance

Divemaster Spotlight: Meet Stefan Vogel – Unveiling the Passion for the Ocean

At Ceningan Divers, we believe that every divemaster is not just a guide but also a storyteller, a guardian of the ocean, and an ambassador for marine conservation. In our “Divemaster Spotlight” series, we introduce you to the passionate individuals who make our diving experiences truly exceptional. … Read More

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Students learning the dive tables

GoPro Lembongan Divemaster Scholarship 2023

GoPro Lembongan Divemaster Scholarship 2023. Ceningan Divers is once again offering an amazing opportunity for two Indonesian citizens to join us for our GoPro Lembongan Divemaster Scholarship! … Read More

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Bali reopens to International Travelers as of March 7, 2022

It has been a long 2 years since we have been able to share our island paradise with you all and we are over the moon that as of yesterday, 7 March 2022, Visa on Arrival into Bali has been re-instated for 23 countries. … Read More

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An example of reef-safe sunscreen, based on illipe butter, which we sell at the resort.

Is Your Sunscreen Killing Coral? Let’s Face The Facts

As we venture to exotic, tropical destinations for our holiday, there is at least one thing that’s always on the packing list: sunscreen. Not unimportant when you consider the dangerous effects of too much sunlight on our skin. But did … Read More

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Using the Dive Against Debris App to record trash we collected on a local dive site.

Marine Research on the Nusa Islands: Become a Citizen Scientist

As soon as you start your dive adventures on the Nusa islands you’ll find we’re part of a very active diving community contributing to marine research. Research that is important to better understand and preserve the underwater world we love so much.

The cool thing is that as a diver on the Nusa islands you can contribute to several research projects on our favourite marine creatures! … Read More

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Eating Vegetarian in Bali

Eating Vegetarian in Bali: A Survival Guide

Travelling as a vegetarian can sound daunting to some, but with a bit of research, it is completely manageable. Whenever you read travel guides about local dishes to try in foreign countries, it seems they are always some type of … Read More

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Why You Should Spend Nyepi on the Nusa Islands

Many visitors are drawn to Bali for the beautiful beaches, serene retreats, delicious food and cultural immersion. The Balinese Hindu population holds special celebrations regularly, including the Bali arts festival, Bali kite festival, Bali spirit festival, perang pandan, galungan and … Read More

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